Dental Transillumination

In this era of enhanced diagnostic digital technologies, clinicians desiring to provide the most up-to-date digital technology when diagnosing and treating their patients must be careful not to overlook opportunities to use well-proven evidence-based technologies. One such example of an adjunctive diagnostic tool that does not require additional digital support is transillumination.

Applications for transillumination include: its use as an adjunctive diagnostic aid for anterior and posterior interproximal caries and occlusal caries diagnosis; detection of calculus; evaluation of stained margins of composite resins; evaluation of cusp fractures and cracked teeth; as an exploration tool to illuminate endodontic access and root canal orifices within the pulp chamber of teeth during endodontic treatment; as a tool for improved evaluation of soft-tissue lesions; for evaluation of all-ceramic restorations to rule out any fractures before cementation; for clinical evaluation of fracture and craze lines in all-ceramic restorations and natural teeth; and for evaluation of depth of extrinsic staining to determine appropriate treatment recommendations.


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